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Sunday 21 July 2019

Body Builder Kit


For the last several weeks I have been working on adding a fairing to a trike I made and that has been going well with a successful test ride on a few hills yesterday. The fairing is blogged about from here on in my bikes blog. Anyway, I designed and printed a couple of 3d printed joins to connect the fairing to the steerer, and one of these didn't work.  But I thought about it for a while till I realised the unused fairing mount wasn't really a dead end, it could start something.

So after a bit of thinking, I printed out a few extra steerer mounts and went to work in the shed coming up with the creature creation shown at the top. In previous projects like this one I have used bike blinky lights and in this one used fibreglass tent poles, so using them in something new was not a big deal, and I only really had to dream up the body bit.  The usb charger cord for the light becomes the tail.

After that I made the body holus bolus in 2 identical parts on the printer and refined it a bit by changing the usb plug connection.  I wanted it to work when the body was put together inside out as well as right side in, and it does this now.

There has been lots in the papers and the news about waste dumps lately (such as this article ), and to add an artistic but also childishly-toilet-humor-amusing and environmental touch to the photos, I have shown the creatures with some of the waste produced in their production as capolites / poo / dung / there-are-lots-of-other-words.

The photo below is a teaser for the next chapter!  Regards  Steve Nurse

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