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Sunday 30 June 2019

Its Curtains Part 2

Its Curtains demo unit taking shape in the back yard
Main props in place
Completed with string and plywood prop supports and an old towel from the laundry, closed.....

And......... Ta-Da, revealing .........Ta-Da........our hallway.

While I was finishing sending my entry forms for the piece off to Fringe Furniture, my son Ewan

and daughter in law Phoebe came round for morning tea. Christine is unwrapping a late but well received and eco-wrapped birthday present.

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here is the way my piece showing off my curtain pulleys came out.  It could be called a Plaque Unveiler, and yes, an internet search revealed such things exist. This one is just for hire!

The photo below shows one of my trikes, which is my 2nd entry in Fringe Furniture 33.

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