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Thursday 16 May 2019

Trolley Modification

My wife Christine with her trolley in use as a table.

Table extension "in"

Table extension "out"

The whole thing.

My wife Christine has some balance issues, so uses a trolley for support and to carry things when going about our home.  The trolley does lots of duties, it is a support, carrier, table for meals and when reading books or newspapers, and also a sort of ladder to help Christine get into bed. 

So I've seen it in use over many months and thought I could improve the table function of the trolley. The table needed to come closer to her for better support without banging in to her knees, but the first method I thought of (reduce the size of the lower shelf area to make clearance) would have been no good, and compromised the ladder function of the trolley.

About 2 weeks ago, the idea of a sliding top tray came into my mind, and I was able to finish is off over a weekend much to Christine's delight.  When doing mods or making new stuff, its essential to consider all the uses the object might have.


Steve Nurse

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