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Thursday 18 April 2019

Featured in Cycling Boardgames website

Pic from the 1890's German...

Boardgame "Neues Radfahrer Spiel" feature.....

both fairly impossible bikes, and scenes still seen in cycling today.


After completing my boardgame tokens earlier this year, I wrote to Anki Toner at about them, and he was pleased to include my updates on his site:

It's been quite a long time since I last updated the site. I am afraid I have been quite busy these last months. I did not even have time to prepare a Christmas present for you this year but fortunately someone did it for me. Stephen Nurse, from Australia, has updated his free downloadable game Cycle Tour and has added 3D-printable bicycle tokens. This is something new, at least in the cycling games' world. Of course, most of us do not have a 3D printer at home and we are not sure how to handle STL files, but it is probably time to start to learn. The future is here. As Armstrong (no, not Lance) would have said, "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for the cycling board games' world".

Thanks for the feature, Anki!  Shown above are a few pics from a much older cycling boardgame than mine, the sort of thing that Anki chronicles with  great respect and thoroughness. Well worth a pootle around the site.


Steve Nurse


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