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Saturday 26 January 2019

Board Game History

Discovered this box which outlines something of the Cycle Tour history which......

our friend's dogs Bella finds "uninteresting on many levels".
With Helen, Christine and Wendy at the Airey's Inlet Hotel.


Rummaging through our shelves, I found a box for the cycle tour boardgame which received a recent update and is now available through Thingiverse complete with 3d printable tokens.  Anyway, the box side included a small bit of history, indicating when I designed it and how I publicised it at the start, entering it in a Design competition.  The box seems like a worthwhile addition to the stuff you get with the game, so I have added a "box" pdf to the thingiverse files. This was designed 9 years ago or so as well

From the "box" pdf.
So anyway, enjoy.


Steve Nurse

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