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Monday, 20 January 2020

A big printer part 1

Does not say it in instructions, but........

....."rearrange 3d printer room until you have a place where the new printer will fit" was part of my setup routine.
So was getting rid of the packaging.  This white stuff is non-recyclable. :-( .


Smoko during Assembly.

More Assembly.....

And yet more.
After threading the filament through and doing some levelling it is all go, this was the successful test print.


For a while now, I have been reading and writing about Delta 3d printers and had seen some low prices for the Anycubic Kossel.  By the time I got round to actually buying one, the Kossel seemed to be out of stock or obsolete, replaced by the 4wd-truck-sounding "Predator".  At about $530.00 the Predator was just a bit more expensive than the Cetus printer I already own.  But the Anycubic is much bigger.  Anyway, videos like this one spoke highly of the printer, and now I have one!Will report further later.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Cycle Challenge Boardgame

An idea for the board game figurines came from this book of traffic models I got from a conference in Canberra,
the stands used in the figurines were pinched for
the figurine design I've made.
Dice and gameplay cards. 

"Blue" 3d printed dice which can be substituted for the 2d printed dice supplied with "Cycle Challenge 2010"

Possible dice configuration for using 3d printed dice with Cycle Challenge 2010 . The 6 dice use numbers one to six six times each. This feature is not present on the 2d printed dice in Cycle Challenge 2010.


Back in 2010, I devised a cycling boardgame, "Cycle Tour" but it had a predecessor, which I talked about in this blog post from back then.   Anyway, after talking about cycling boardgames with Aly McDonald, I have revived "Cycle Challenge". This link brings you to a download site for a 2010 (2d) version of the game and a 3d printable variable dice.

The game itself is a handicap dice game which uses "weighted" dice to produce different likely outcomes over a set of six races. Have fun!

Regards  Steve Nurse