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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Board Game History

Discovered this box which outlines something of the Cycle Tour history which......

our friend's dogs Bella finds "uninteresting on many levels".
With Helen, Christine and Wendy at the Airey's Inlet Hotel.


Rummaging through our shelves, I found a box for the cycle tour boardgame which received a recent update and is now available through Thingiverse complete with 3d printable tokens.  Anyway, the box side included a small bit of history, indicating when I designed it and how I publicised it at the start, entering it in a Design competition.  The box seems like a worthwhile addition to the stuff you get with the game, so I have added a "box" pdf to the thingiverse files. This was designed 9 years ago or so as well

From the "box" pdf.
So anyway, enjoy.


Steve Nurse

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Board Game Update

Original tokens from cycle tour boardgame
New trike token on the printer software....and

another view.

Some of the new models with the board from A4 sheets.  The game pieces look a bit big relative to the board, so today I
WENT LARGE and made a board made from 4 A3 sheets.

A few of the models on the big board......

and a few more, Gumby astride the folding bike. Handlebars double as stands for the bikes.

My wife Christine with the first bike off the production line, the step through town bike.

The production line, Cetus 3d printer and portable computer.

Quite a while ago, I published a free-download cycling game, and put in a bit of effort making 2d tokens for it. Here is an early blog post about it.  It was written up in Anki Toner's cycling boardgames website about 9 years ago. I haven't really thought about it much since then, except that when I got my 3d printer I had the idea to design some 3d printed tokens to go with the boardgame.

Early this year while on holidays I had the chance to start on it, and I have been surprising and annoying my wife Christine by coming up with a series of 1:25 or 1mm:1 inch tokens to suit the game. I will load them onto Thingiverse tonight so anyone with a 3d printer and internet connection can make them.

Sofar I have made versions of

Step through Town Bike
Diamond Frame Bike
Recumbent Trike
Upright Trike
Folding Bike
Front Wheel Drive Highracer

At some stage I plan to extend this set and make versions of a Vi Voung Python and one of my front wheel trikes which are at least reasonable at long distance touring and load carrying.  But this can wait a bit.

Meanwhile, files are uploaded to Thingiverse, here is the link.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Thingiverse Files

Thing made with the Thingiverse Kit in.....

a couple of.....



From a pdf describing the parts.


Yesterday, I added 6 downloadable 3d print files to my Thingiverse account, and these files add to 2 files already there to make an 8 piece, free to download construction kit.  As shown in the bottom photo, even 1 of the pieces used multiple times can make some interesting assemblies.  The bottom photo is part of a pdf explaining how to use the pieces to make rigid spirals and cylinders. 

Here are some links to some earlier posts about the parts.  Some files were originally made available through CG trader so earlier links may be broken. One day I might even get around to fixing them!

Alien Selfie

Fringe Furniture 2018

Construction Kit 

Flowers Construction Kit 

If you make some of the parts and think you can add to any of my comments about them, I'd love to here from you, or just post your makes and likes on Thingiverse.  I have made the pdf part of a Project on Researchgate, please feel free to add to that as well. Oh, and have fun!


Steve Nurse

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Congratulations Ewan

At Ewan's Graduation, Steve, Helen, Phoebe, Christine

Texting (or something) to Phoebe's sister Katie.

On the Stage

On the big screen

Exhibition Building's Mez, where drinks and food were served.

Dinner afterwards, Christine, Pippa, Dean, Ewan, Phoebe, Steve

Helen and Christine on the Mez.

Hi, as you might guess, we are very proud parents!  Our son Ewan graduated with a Phd in Biomedical Engineering from Melbourne University yesterday.  Congratulations Ewan and our daughter in-law Phoebe.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Flowers Kit Follow up.

Hi, I have just uploaded my L construction kit parts as shown above to here on thingiverse to get them moving and out there.  On the previous site I couldn't even give it away.  For more details and pics, see my previous blog entry, also containing the updated link.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Clock Repair

Hi, The clock I made using 3d printing had fallen into disrepair, the rubber bands holding it together had perished, and this may have eventually led to its slow-motion demise. And then it stopped, due to the battery running out. Aha, time to fix everything! 

A few pics of the process shown above.


Steve Nurse

Sunday, 28 October 2018

M-Pavillion Session

My trike at Mpavillion

Hi, yesterday was Sunday, and I had been invited to this event wrapping up the Fringe Furniture Exhibit at the nearby Mpavillion, so I rode down there to have a look.  The building is very stunning, seeming (almost) to grow out of the landscape rather than being put upon it. There was a huge, peaceful but noisy religious gathering going on at the start, and the organizers of the Mpavillion event had to start a bit late because of that.

Anyway, quite a bit of chat about design in Public and Private art galleries and displaying things on the web which was interesting.  I left before the end, I have a real job starting next week and bought some workboots for that on the way home.

A few days ago, I added more 3d printed orange bling to my bike, there is only the handlebar ends to go and then I think the whole thing is blinged.


Steve Nurse

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Asymmetric Surfboard Part 2

Draw in asymmetric Planshape, 2600 x 528 x 100 deep, about 8'6" x 20.8"

Cut in side view so its 50mm thick at the ends.

Cut in end view so its 50mm thick at the sides.

3d print at 1:20 scale, including scale fins.

2 of the resulting model surfboards, seen with the fin at this end.

Top view, shown with fins at the bottom.  It is the same surfboard just rotated 180 degrees and with the fin in the other end.

View from below.

Side views

This gives an indication of scale, the models are about 1:20 full scale or 130mm long.
Hi, I posted about my assymmetric surfboard a few months ago, and since then have done some work on the proposal of "taking the idea further, making a double ended Asym with one end that suits a goofy and the other end that suits a natural footer". 

So the idea is shown above in model form.  From the trace I had made of my modded Trigger Brothers board, I cadded it up and then printed a 1:20 scale model.

As discussed here in Swellnet, the theory of the Asyms is that surfers can turn the side of the board their toes are on sharper and more quickly than the side of the board their heels are on.  And that side varies, depending if you surf right foot forward (goofy) or left foot forward (natural).  So making the toe side of the board longer at the back than the heal side is fine, and can work to make boards more manoeverable, but a board made like this that suits a goofy won't suit a natural / regular footer and vice versa.

So here is my crack at a solution, an Asym double ender. The front of the board is compromised, it wouldn't have the same lift or rocker as a standard board, but I think ok surfers would be able to cope. If I want to go further and actually make the thing as a surfboard, there are a few steps I could take.

* Bring my board and the models to a surfboardmaker and  get them to make one. This wouldn't teach me much!
* Download Akushaper and put in the design, something like I already have done, then go to someone who knows what they're doing to tweak it.

Till next time!

Steve Nurse