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Monday, 16 September 2019

New Lampshade Outside

New Lampshade Outside
Not-broken light at the front.

Broken glass and replacement led bulbs

The lamp bracket fixed up a bit and a new globe installed
Broken glass to new recycling dumpster.

At night, no flash on camera.

At night with flash on camera


Pic and caption from "Adhocism"
A blurb from The Age about Elon Musk and electric cars. Are electric cars fully evolved?  Maybe not if they are still being driven by people!

A few weeks ago I looked up when I was tinkering around at the side of the house and noticed a lamp guard was broken.  We happen to have the same lamp out the front of the house, god knows when they were put there.

How or when the side lamp broke, I don't know. But it needed fixing, or at least replacing, so I broke out one of my "tribo spirals" which had been residing on a shelf doing nothing. And there was a dangley bit on the original lamp and I decided to put that back on the new lampshade for these reasons:
* What else was I going to do with it? It was good for absolutely nothing else in the universe that I can think of.
* It is sort of a design in-joke. :  "(Inventions show) amusing visual and verbal hangovers from the initial inception" is a quote from the wonderful design book Adhocism by Charles Jencks and Nathan Silver." Of course this applies more to early bicycles and early petrol cars and current electric cars and current recumbent bikes and velomobiles which were and are instates of evolution and have quite complicated functional jobs.  Lampshades don't do complicated jobs and can be mucked around with a bit in an arty sort of way.

The broken glass bit went to the new glass recycling bin at the Roseneath St. depot, and I replaced the old incandescent globe with an (I think) more energy efficient light emitting diode model. And I think it looks ok.

Regards  Steve Nurse.


Thursday, 12 September 2019

Fringe Furniture Opening


Light Sleeper

Topograpical Coffee Table

Ta-Da by Steve Nurse (me)

Didn't get the details  of this piece but it is a combined lampshade and coffee table complete with foldaway legs. It is raised and lowered by a slightly noisy gearbox / winch arrangement hanging from the roof.  Just right for your warehouse conversion pad.

Speeches, announcements, prizes etc. etc.

A few pics from the opening night of fringe furniture - woohoo. Brigit had done a great job of organising the event and I bumped into a few Monash Uni people I know and chatted to a few other artist / maker type people.  I'm not all that terrific with names so it was a bit embarrassing at times. Will be back at the fringe furniture venue in the next few days: its free, might see you there.

Regards  Steve Nurse

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Walk home from Abbotsford


After my laden bike ride to the Abbotsford convent,  I walked back home via the Yarra River and the more-exciting-than-it-sounds Roseneath St Recycling Dropoff Point.  The walk was very pleasant, and despite living in the area for 30 years or so had never noticed the Peace Mile plaque near the south end of Gray Street. Lots of flowers out for the start of spring too.  At the recycling centre I spoke to Marcel for a while, amongst a few other changes they have a new bike tyre recycling bin which is a welcome addition. Good Job!


Steve Nurse

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Fringe Furniture Bump-In


Today was my Fringe Furniture Exhibition bump-in day and this meant the end of quite a bit of planning and building.  The "Ta-Da" piece which I started blogging about here had been varnished by Christine and I, and 2 days ago, I started setting it up again. This was to avoid embarrassment during set up on site at the Abbotsford Convent, I couldn't quite remember how it went back together again. Anyway, by yesterday morning (Thursday) it was back together, and today I started taking it apart again.

Wasn't sure if it would go into the trike (also on show) and was prepared to take 2 trips to the nearby Abbotsford Convent where the exhibition takes place. Anyway, sometimes if you step back a bit and take your time you think of an answer, and by hooking the trike stand over the tailbox it all fitted.

The trip to the Convent was thankfully uneventful and Brigit and CC and other volunteers and coordinators made the setup go well too.  Leaving the trike at the Convent, I walked home. Official launch Party is Wednesday, looking forward to it.

2 Years ago I had a wooden trike at Fringe Furniture 31, here is my bikes blog from back then.

Regards  Steve Nurse

Regards  Steve Nurse